Stairs & Railings

Stairs and railings are equally tailored to your individual needs. On this page you can get an impression of what is feasible both indoors and outdoors.  

Indoor Staircases

Staircases, that are to be installed indoors, are available in steel or stainless steel. We offer you staircases in different designs:

- spiral staircases

- double stringer staircases

- single stringer staircases and

- closed stringer staircases.

Upon request, a final coating in any colour of the RAL colour chart is possible.


For the steps you can choose between different materials:

- various types of wood
- steel or aluminium sheet
- natural stone
- marble and
- granite.


The corresponding railings are built of steel or stainless steel and you can select one of the following designs:

- round tube

- square tube or 

- flat steel.

Possible railing fillings include safety glass, plastic, rods and perforated metal sheets.

Outdoor Staircases (private or industrial use)

Outdoor staircases include utility, access and emergency staircases. These are also available both in steel and stainless steel.


For the stairs we recommend: 

- natural stone
- granite
- steel sheet or
- slip-resistant grating.


For the railings you can again choose between steel and stainless steel as well as between handrails out of: 

- round tube

- square tube or

- flat steel.

Available railing fillings - among others - are safety glass, plastic, rods and perforated metal sheets.




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