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Here you can find press reports and articles published about us, which particularly refer to the Multiblocker as an unsurpassable anti-theft device.

The Multiblocker being tested in Oldtimer Praxis 09/2019

Oldtimer Praxis is a monthly magazine for hobby mechanics which offers practical tips and tricks for two and four-wheel vehicles. In its September 2019 issue, different installations are compared and evaluated under the headline "Diebstahlsicherung: Sicher ist sicher". Also the effectiveness of the Multiblocker as a mechanical anti-theft device, that actively prevents car theft from the garage, is highlighted.

Oldtimer Praxis 09/2019 - Sicher ist sicher
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An interview with RegioLife 

RegioLife is the free city magazine of the city of Eschweiler and presents people, companies, associations and events of the region every two months. For the 6th issue of 2019 Hans-Georg Wolff gave an interview to RegioLife. On pages 42-43 you can read the article focusing on the Multiblocker.  

Article about the Multiblocker in BELMOT's classic car blog


BELMOT's classic car blog provides you with regular articles about the classic car scene. Find out about vehicles and events, read interviews with automobile connoisseurs as well as experts and benefit from tips for vehicle owners.


In the category Benzingespräche the Multiblocker is presented to you as the solution against vehicle theft. As part of our cooperation, you will receive special conditions for the purchase of a Multiblocker as a BELMOT customer.

MICARE PS recommends the Multiblocker

MICARE PS of the Missing Car Register GmbH is an international safety portal for classic cars, in which stolen cars and, as a preventive measure, also non-stolen cars can be registered. Besides, MICARE PS even offers a search function. The Multiblocker has now been included as a recommended safety system in the security category. 




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